viernes, 5 de junio de 2009

The Loja Expedition - Preparations in the Andes

We had to postpone our original planning to continue the exploration of the mountains in Loja in may and will now start the 2nd expedition for Ecuador Galapagos Travels end of june. All preparations are going well so far and we even have now a logo for the Expedition Department (thank you Wladi!). Last weekend we went for a hike into the Andes around Quito, the capital of Ecuador and base of The Expedition Department. Here in the Andes you can find some of Ecuador's largest outcrops of obsidian, a black volcanic glass that has been highly valued by the natives for its ready manufacture into various stone tools like knifes, arrow and speer heads etc. It was one of the most abundant and apparently preferred materials used at early sites in the Andes and throughout subsequent periods was traded to southern Andes, Pacific Coast and Amazon Jungle. During our hike in the altitude we found several examples of Obsidian and surely will go for another tour in the area before the expedition - you never know what you will come across in these wonderful mountains.

For more information on Obsidian check:

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